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Apr 17, 2023

Holidays can be heartbreaking without family, and for the thousands of people who live far away from their extended families—sometimes in a different country—neighbors and friends can become like a second family. That’s why The Salvation Army is dedicated to bringing neighbors together in order to offer resources and foster community ties.

During Thanksgiving last year, we met Patricia and Victor at our Feast of Sharing event, along with their children and niece. This event brought their entire community together for a day-long celebration of food and fun. Victor told us, “The Salvation Army has been here for years, and they provide a lot of help.”

Patricia agreed and explained, “Some people don’t have income for that happy meal, that Thanksgiving meal. It’s a struggle.”

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Your donations help create events like this for neighbors in your community along with many incredible resources that help improve lives and bring aid to those who need it most. Many times, these celebrations are a way for neighbors to feel connected to their community. And when times are tough, a community meal may be the only food they can provide for themselves or their families. Patricia told us, “It’s nice to know that somebody’s going to be able to get a meal for Thanksgiving and have that holiday feeling.”

Victor and Patricia and their family are truly grateful for The Salvation Army. Victor said, “Thank you because it makes a difference for the kids.”

Thank you for donating on behalf of our communities and the neighbors you allow us to humbly serve!

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