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Dec 6, 2023

“I’m so happy to see my sons again.” – Joel


Joel is a survivor of labor trafficking and a graduate of The Salvation Army’s Anti-Trafficking Services program.

In 2006, Joel left his sons—Alendale and Aldaine—in the Philippines, hoping for a better life abroad. Instead, he endured unimaginable hardships after he was trafficked for labor. Thousands of miles away from his children, who were only eight and four years old at the time, he faced the heartbreak of never seeing them again.

Luckily, Joel was able to escape and seek help from The Salvation Army thanks to resources supporters like you help provide.

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Reunited and finally free!

Today, he is reunited with his grown sons and making up for lost time. Joel’s son Aldaine says, “When I first saw him at the airport, I couldn’t really explain how I felt because it was a mix of emotions. I missed him so much. I was overwhelmed by the excitement of seeing him again after so many long years.”

Aldaine is looking forward to spending his first birthday with his father at his side. “I kiss my dad every night and every morning. I missed out on so many kisses throughout the years, so I want to make up for it now,” he says.

Joel’s story is a wonderful example of how your gift has the power to change lives. The resources and care you provide can reunite families and help neighbors rebuild their lives with hope and love. Thank you!

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