Thanks to your kindness, he found a new path

Dec 6, 2023

“I’m sober and happy.” – Carlos


Carlos was an alcoholic and it slowly cost him everything. At his lowest point, he was homeless and living on the streets. That’s when our Hope outreach team met him at a local pantry. He was hungry and embarrassed but knew he needed help.

After spending time with him, we encouraged Carlos to admit himself to the Santa Monica Salvation Army Rehab Center. It was scary, but the alternative was scarier. Carlos knew this might be the turning point that could change his life. His disease was strong, but we told him he was stronger.

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From the streets to success!

After months of hard work and a lot of painful reflection, Carlos successfully graduated from the program this year in April. After that, he was accepted into our culinary arts training program, which you help make possible. Today, he is pursuing his passion and is dedicated to his sobriety. He is grateful for the many ways neighbors like you have empowered him to change his life.

When people like Carlos feel lost and broken, it’s so important to show them that they are not unlovable or unredeemable. Through life-transforming resources, more neighbors can receive a chance to restore their lives.

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