Moms like Fannie rely on the programs you make possible

Apr 17, 2023

Being a parent is challenging. Fannie is a mom who knows what that’s like firsthand. She told us, “I think it’s so hard as a parent and sometimes you’re not able to provide. But knowing that there’s support in your community...I think it’s just a blessing. It’s just a blessing overall.”

Fannie is so grateful that she was able to rely on The Salvation Army and the wonderful programs we provide for children and families at her local community center, especially the afterschool program her three children enjoyed while growing up. “Having an affordable place where I could leave my kids and know they’re safe and they’re learning, having a good time, and getting to know about Jesus all at once? It was such a huge support for me as a mom.” She explained, “It helped relieve some of the financial burden.”

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A community center like a second home

Fannie’s kids think of The Salvation Army Community Center they attended as a second home. Growing up, they’ve been able to enjoy field trips and afterschool activities, try sports, and participate in summer programs in a safe space with caring adults.

“They got to discover new things. Without The Salvation Army and the donors, they probably wouldn’t have had that opportunity to see something different outside of what they knew,” she told us. “They really did change my life.”

Friends like you also helped provide other essentials for Fannie’s family, like school supplies, uniforms, and even haircuts. “Sometimes you’re not able to meet that need. But that’s when Salvation Army donors come in and they’re able to make it possible for us.”

Helping families that struggle is one of the many ways you make a difference in the lives of your neighbors. For moms like Fannie and her children, it’s a tremendous gift. “I really hope donors find it in their heart to keep making an impact for families like mine. Because there’s so many families going through the same exact thing and every dollar counts.”

Because of you, The Salvation Army can provide vital resources, meals, utility bill assistance, kids’ programs, and much more for families every day. Thank you for helping us do the most good for our neighbors.

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