Rebuilding a life and restoring faith

Apr 16, 2024

“I started to realize the importance of putting God first.” – Anthony

The Lord is said to work in mysterious ways. Looking back on his life, Anthony felt he was someone truly undeserving of the Lord’s mercy and grace. He developed a hard head and, in his words, “a macho attitude as well as a corrupt way of thinking at a very young age.” Due to his lifestyle choices, he went from juvenile camps to coming of age in and out of county jail.

After serving time, Anthony came to The Salvation Army San Bernardino Adult Rehabilitation Center. Now, through hard work, he is rebuilding his life. “I can’t express enough how appreciative I am for the work training which allows me to develop healthier work habits that are truly beneficial out in the real world,” he says and adds, “The Salvation Army has taught me about true fellowship with one another, and the importance of building each other up.”

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A new beginning and restored faith

In Anthony’s journey, the verse from 2 Timothy 2:13 holds special meaning: “If we are unfaithful, he remains faithful, for He cannot deny himself.”

Today, Anthony is part of the work therapy program at The Salvation Army. He works hard, sorting clothes, helping in the kitchen, and more. Anthony says, “It’s a real blessing to work alongside people from all walks of the world to do something better with our lives.”

Thanks to friendships like yours, neighbors like Anthony are rebuilding their lives with love and restored faith.

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