How You Helped Devin Move Forward

Aug 5, 2022

After decades of drug use, Devin finally landed at rock bottom.

“I was empty,” he remembers. “Spiritually broken and emotionally bankrupt. I knew that I needed to change.”

He called a close friend who had overcome her own addiction with The Salvation Army’s help, and she reached out to us on Devin's behalf.

“It was the best decision I’ve ever made,” Devin says.

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Grieving the old, embracing the new

When Devin arrived at our Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC), it was hard for him to cut all the unhealthy ties to his old life. But going to chapel changed that.

“The fellowship between the other guys in the program is amazing,” Devin says. “I built a couple of lifelong relationships there.”

“We’re all trying to figure out this new sober life together.”

Surrendering to God

As Devin worked on his sobriety, friends like you also provided him with food, shelter, and clothing. He participated in our work therapy program, which helped him build a strong work ethic.

And, even though he didn’t grow up going to church, Devin forged a special bond with his spiritual counselor, who helped him accept that healing was possible through God’s love. Now that Devin has graduated from the ARC with one year of sobriety, he has moved on to our transitional housing program. He has a job, and he is excited about everything the future has in store.

“Thank you to everybody for your donations,” he says. “I’m excited to keep moving forward!”


“If it wasn’t for The Salvation Army, who knows where I would be today?” - Devin.

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