God Put a Song in Kim’s Heart

May 5, 2022

The first time Kim went to over-night Summer Camp, she was only seven years old. Taking her seat on the big, yellow school bus full of kids of all ages, she felt very scared and very alone.

Then, the counselors started singing. Songs about Noah and the great flood — songs about the promises of God. “I didn’t understand the religious aspect,” Kim says, “but those songs helped me. They were so filled with hope and joy!”

Kim took those songs home with her and shared them with her siblings. They would sing them when life got tough, which it often did, with their mom caring for five of them all on her own.

The choice that shaped the rest of her life

Years later, Kim was working at her church’s holiday food drive. Her pastor asked her where she wanted to take her load of goods… and all her camp memories came rushing back.

“The Salvation Army,” she replied.

What began as an errand that day became her life’s calling. Today, after 10 years with us, Captain Kim shares, “Some of the most precious moments I’ve experienced as an officer are when kids come alive at camp. They have this newfound joy. So many have never been out of their community before — and here they are, seeing the beach for the first time.”

It’s all about those “firsts,” Kim explains. “I always tell our music camp kids, ‘Just try one instrument!’ When they realize they can learn new things, the sense of accomplishment boosts their confidence so much.”

“Lots of kids need this intervention in their lives,” she says. “I know from experience that the hope and joy they find here will sustain them.”


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