From homelessness to hope

Nov 7, 2022

Tracy never expected to experience homelessness with four young children before she was 30 years old. But everything changed after her beloved husband—the sole breadwinner—unexpectedly died, and she was left alone, without resources or family to help her.

“I lost everything at that point—my kids didn't even have clothes,” she says.

That was when Tracy discovered The Salvation Army. Thanks to donors like you, her family received food and shelter. On top of that, volunteers and staff made sure her children had toys, books, and clothes, especially during the holidays.

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"It's a feeling that I can't explain when you see your baby smile and you see everything The Salvation Army does for you and all of the other families. They really care about you and they're there to help you.”

Over time, the staff at The Salvation Army became a kind of surrogate family for Tracy. She told us, “You feel comfortable telling them your story and what you need. Eventually, they're like your family.”

Equipped with caring support, food, and access to resources, Tracy took steps to find housing and rebuild her life with purpose and hope. She even signed up to volunteer so that she could make a difference for other families like hers.

Tracy’s world fell apart—but you were there.

Starting over with courage

As Tracy started to rebuild her life, she was nervous, but your support and kindness gave her encouragement. “As a single mom and not having anything, you’re scared of getting a house and not being able to afford a couch or a bed for your babies. I was scared about how I was going to do it.”

But thanks to people like you, home supplies, and even kitchen items, were waiting for Tracy and her family so they could begin their new life with everything they needed. It was beyond anything she could have hoped for.

“I don't even know how to thank you for the happiness and all those smiles that you give to my babies every year,” she says.

Now, Tracy and her family are filled with hope, instead of fear and despair. That’s the difference your gifts make in the lives of people in your community.

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