From hardship to hope, Thanks to you!

Dec 4, 2023

“I want families to feel the support we did.” – Griselda


Griselda and her husband Luis have always worked hard and tried to make a better life for their family. Over the years, they’ve experienced tough financial times, but somehow found a way to make what little they had stretch for their children.

Then, one particularly difficult winter, there wasn’t enough money for gifts. It was heartbreaking for these loving parents to think of their children waking up on Christmas morning without a meal or anything under the tree. That’s when they discovered help at The Salvation Army. That year, thanks to special holiday resources, their children had a wonderful holiday filled with presents to open and a festive meal.

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Blessings and paying it forward

Even now, that Christmas morning remains in the hearts of Griselda and Luis. They have never forgotten the kindness and joy that supporters like you help provide.

Today, they are thriving and make a holiday tradition of volunteering at The Salvation Army with their family. Griselda says, “I want other families to feel the support we did... I feel so happy when I see so many families receiving food and gifts for their children.” Thanks to supporters like you, families receive help when they need it most.

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