Finding hope again, thanks to you.

Apr 17, 2024

“I’m so grateful to The Salvation Army.” – David

When David came to The Orange County Anaheim Emergency Shelter, he’d been homeless and living in his car for over a decade.

David’s goal when entering the shelter was to save money and be able to leave within 90 days. Unfortunately, his rapidly declining health complicated that plan. After six months, David was no longer able to work and was stuck at a crossroads — to give up or keep moving forward.

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Finding a home after ten years

David decided to continue to pursue housing, save, and remain hopeful regardless of his declining health. The Salvation Army team made sure David had the support to have hope and keep fighting for himself.

With the help of our case managers and encouragement from shelter staff, David was able to obtain a housing voucher, and he was finally accepted to an apartment after six months of constant rejections. David entered his new apartment in the winter of 2023 and has ended his long-term battle with homelessness. David says, “I’m so grateful to The Salvation Army and the staff that helped me get my life back.”

With help from friends like you, neighbors like David can smile and feel good about rebuilding their lives no matter what obstacles they may face.

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