You Helped Gregory Find Renewed Purpose

May 5, 2022

The four best things I've experienced in my life are the birth of my daughter, getting clean and sober, the birth of my granddaughter, and becoming part of The Salvation Army.”

That’s our neighbor Gregory talking. Like many in our community, Gregory struggled to find work recently. “When COVID happened, everything slowed down, and I needed a little extra food. The Salvation Army gave me fresh vegetables and fruit, meat, and canned goods.

“I’ve been here ever since!” he says. It’s true: As soon as Gregory saw all the good that was possible through your support and God’s grace, he wanted to be a part of it. He began working in our food pantry, cooking meals for our recovery meetings — anything he could do to serve.

Soon, Gregory became a troop leader for our kids’ scouting programs. After his first field trip with the kids, one of them asked another chaperone whether Gregory would be coming back. When he said yes, all of the kids on the bus cheered. Gregory was clearly a new favorite with our troopers — and he still had more to give.

Blessing kids with meals and guidance

“I love to cook,” Gregory shares. “So we came up with a rotating menu for the kids. One week will be fresh fruit or a salad and a chicken sandwich or hot dog. It’s fun to cook for them.” Gregory also knows how important it is. Many of the kids’ parents come to The Salvation Army food pantry, just as he once did. Every meal he prepares for his troopers is one less meal those parents have to worry about providing.

To friends like you, Gregory says, “What you’re doing is huge. You’re changing people’s lives! I’d love to cook you something to eat, too.”

Gregory is honored to have your help feeding his hungry troops.

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