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Apr 17, 2024

“It’s been a blessing.” – Greg

Greg was born into a difficult life with parents who sold drugs. Without guidance and care, he fell into substance dependence at an early age. But thanks to The Salvation Army, he found a program to help him overcome addiction and find mentorship. He remembers how he felt after hearing the story of one of his mentors and says, “I ended up crying because I never knew that somebody going through substance dependence could change their life from not knowing God to getting close to God, helping others, and inspiring people.”

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Building a better life

Today, thanks to hard work and friendships he’s made, Greg’s life is happy and sober. He says, “I’m a soldier here at the Center City Corps, and I love doing work for the Lord. I love talking to people. I’m also employed by The Salvation Army. I work for the College Thrift Store.” He also shares his gratitude and says, “It’s been a blessing. I’m just glad that God could shape a smoker like me and just transform me into a message. A beacon of light for somebody who really needs it in the darkness.”

Thanks to support like yours, neighbors like Greg are finding a path to recovery and building better lives.

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