A new beginning and a joyful Christmas— thanks to you

Aug 5, 2022

Samantha is the first to admit she had a rocky start. Her parents were not good role models—by the eighth grade, she was already drinking. Then, at 14, Sam got pregnant.

With her daughter Braelyn’s arrival, the young mom tried desperately to make better choices. The problem was, “I never had a solid support system,” she says. “I kept falling back in with the wrong people.”

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A blessing in disguise

Still seeking the right path forward, Sam began to excel in culinary school. She shared the news with her parents—and they kicked her out, unwilling to celebrate her success.

Sam’s world could have fallen apart in that moment. But leaving her parents’ toxic home was a necessary step toward a healthier future. And friends like you would make sure she had all the support she needed.

I had to pinch myself

With your help, we welcomed Sam and Braelyn into our transitional housing program.

“It all still feels so unreal,” Sam says. “I have my own apartment now, where I can parent Braelyn on my own. It’s made us a lot closer.”

She continues: “I’m also doing really well in school, and I’m about to start a good job that I’m excited for. I wouldn’t have any of this success if it wasn’t for The Salvation Army.”

Last year, Sam was especially grateful you helped her give Braelyn “a Christmas like you see in the movies.” Presents from her Salvation Army family brought a huge smile to the little girl’s face. “It filled my heart to see her super happy,” Sam says.


You helped Sam find the strength and confidence to build a better life.

As the holidays approach, please give again to share joy like this with more local families—along with the support they need to thrive.

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